Payment Options

Deposit Payments

Currently we have not connected our Payment Gateway that allows deposit to be paid within our Booking Reservation System, at the same time as booking. Your booking enquiry will come to us via email, then we will reply and advise how to make payments. All deposits are paid using Credit Card or direct debit, or internet banking at time of booking confirmation.
Merchant Fees apply to credit card payments.

Final Payment Options (Remaining Balance)

Avoid Merchant Fees by paying the remaining balance by internet banking or Direct Deposit.

Pay By Direct Deposit

If you prefer, you can simply make a direct deposit from your bank account to ours. This option is fee free.
Please Note: Direct Deposit is not available for travel within 21 days of departure OR for paying airfares. All airlines require payment via a credit or debit card.
Your Credit Card details are still required to secure your booking. Your card is provided for security only and it will not be charged if you choose to pay via Direct Deposit and payments are received on time

To pay an existing booking using direct deposit check at your bank.

Credit Card Details By Secure Server

As secure delivery of your credit card information is essential, we use Secure Sockets Layer technology, and public-key security.

During transmission of your credit card details, the encryption software will transfer your information from your browser to our server in an encrypted form that eliminates any possibility of the information being intercepted enroute over the internet.

Privacy and Your Personal Details

We totally respect your right to privacy. We deal with you direct and use no other third party.

Although a common industry practise, we DO NOT share, resell, or distribute your email address, or physical address details with ANY other third party under ANY circumstances. Every effort is made to keep your personal information totally confidential.

Data Storage

Our administration system is located within our own firewall protected internal network. As we host our websites with an external provider, there is no possibility of external internet-based file access to our network since it has not been necessary to incorporate that particular capability into it.

The storage of client data on our premises conforms to all appropriate International standards for data integrity, confidentiality and security.

safeguards and protocols in place.

Please contact us if you any further queries about our security, privacy or data handling procedures.